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We specialise in removing unwanted fuel from both domestic and commercial heating tanks. We can handle tanks located underground as well as above ground. Our fully qualified team will take care of the entire process.

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Domestic Services
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We are experts in domestic heating oil and fuel removal in Northampton, Birmingham, London and surrounding areas.

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Commercial Services
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Commercial oil and fuel tank removal, cleaning and other related service provider in Northampton, Birmingham, London and surrounding areas.

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Areas of work

We provide complete service for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sites. We can perform maintenance, decommissioning, decontamination and complete tank removal of all types – above the ground, below the ground or located in confined spaces.

Heating Oil Removal

Any heating oil is usable between 18 to 24 months depending on circumstances. Usually oil gets contaminated because of poor storage conditions or damaged tank. To avoid any soil, masonry bund or surrounding area contamination that can result in Environmental damage, we can help you by arranging the removal, transfer or disposal and full recycling of contaminated oil following Environmental Agencies requirements or provide you with a holding tank, while a new tank is installed.

Commercial Heating Fuel Removal

There are several factors, that can affect heating oil`s quality. Over the life time of the oil storage, it`s regular maintenance is crucial to maintain quality of the oil, appliances connected and the system in general. Heating oil same as any fossil fuel oil, needs to be stored in a clean storage tank, and within constant temperature to avoid thickening and blockage of filters. It is very common for tanks that are not maintained well to start forming sludge and bacteria that leads to contamination of oil and affects oil supply system in general. In these situations, we can remove the oil for filtration disposal through complete recycling.

Heating Oil Tank Removal

All types of oil storage tank removal, maintenance or installation. Regulations and requirements for oil storage tanks are rapidly changing and improving, resulting in more strict safety requirements and pollution prevention measures. Regular tank maintenance can not only greatly extend storage tank`s life span, but also keep a track of any potential arising hazards. If removal is required, we can do site and risk assessment, and then either perform decommissioning or complete removal of the storage tank, supply pipework and appliances.

Domestic and Residential solutions

Eco Tank Services team can provide full range of services for your new installation, replacement or removal of your old oil tank and recycling the old oil, storage tank, supply lines and boiler. All our work is done by OFTEC certified engineers in accordance with Environmental Agency requirements. We work in the areas of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and across the UK.


Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Contact our team today for a free no obligation quote

Eco Tank Services – The Leading Heating Oil and Oil Storage Tank Removal Specialist: Covering Northampton, Birmingham, London & the rest of the UK.

Eco Tank Services provides practical and environmentally responsible solutions for safe collection and recycling of waste oil and other hazardous materials covering Northampton, Birmingham, London and surrounding areas. Used oil and its related waste are strictly regulated. The waste must be collected and managed by a company with a professionally trained team of experts. We make it easy for you to dispose of used heating oil responsibly, by scheduling regular waste oil collections, so you will never have to worry about over-filled oil tank storage. As waste oils cannot be used for their original purpose, our expert team can provide a safe and careful collection of all waste oils that you have. With a combined experience of more than 15 years in the industry, our experts have built up their knowledge and can handle a wide range of hazardous waste oils when required.

We successfully complete each project, while ensuring the best commercial and environmental outcomes. Where re-use is not possible, or destruction is required, Eco Tank Services utilises compliant and industry best practice waste disposal processes. We handle used heating oil and fuel waste that contain properties or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. Our mission is to provide a sustainable solution today for a cleaner tomorrow.
In our area of work, we must comply not only with legal requirements, but also pack loads of experience and knowledge. All our services over the years have been built upon strong individual skills and teamwork to provide exceptional customer experience. Whatever your needs are, feel free to contact our team for advice or to arrange a site visit. We are based in Northampton, but can travel to Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and further across the UK.
Commercial Oil Tank Decommissioning

Heating Oil Removal

We offer wide range of services for removal of any type, age and condition of heating oils. Including contaminated and expired or mixed oil. Whatever type of condition, we can provide a solution that suits your needs.
Oil Tank Storage Facilities Decontamination

Oil Tank Storage Facilities Decontamination

In most cases, oil storage tanks are built in or placed in confined spaces or specially built storage rooms. After tank removal, we can provide decontamination so that the space gained after removal can still be used for other purposes.
Metal Underground Oil Tank Removal

Storage Tank Removal

Our team of certified engineers can deal with any type of storage tanks. Starting from smaller domestic oil tanks up to large capacity commercial and industrial storage tanks.
Oil Recycling

Oil Recycling

All types of oil have expiry date, and over the time it can become unusable due to various reasons. We can remove any type and quantity of oil and recycle it according to requirements of regulatory bodies.
Commercial Oil Tank Decommissioning

Oil Tank Decommissioning

If you require removal of any hazardous oil waste on your site, we can provide full oil tank and supply pipework decommissioning.

Oil tank transfer and filtration services by Eco Tank Services

Oil Transfer

If you require transfer of heating oil from one tank to another within your premises or transfer to another site, we have the right equipment to get it done efficiently and hassle free.

Why Choose Us

To ensure peace of mind to each of our customers from smaller Domestic sites up to large Commercial sites, every case is handled professionally and politely. Over the years we have come across various circumstances, that allow us to be confident n finding best solutions for our customers.

Years Of Experience

Our team shares over 15 years of experience and we are always looking for new team members to share and expand our level of expertise.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers are our priority, that is why we take each site with individual approach and care.

Professionally Trained

All our staff are working under supervision of OFTEC accredited technicians and continuously receive additional training to cover all areas of our work.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and carry out all work using industry’s best practice.

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