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If your oil tank is already removed or decommissioned, or you are only planning to do so, it’s important that all related pipework is also removed or decommissioned. Eco Tank Services offers a complete pipework removal service to remove all related pipework such as fuel delivery lines, fill pipes and ventilation pipework from your property.

Depending on the location of your oil tank there are two main methods that can be used to remove the pipes. If your tank is installed in an accessible location, we can excavate in the area around it and remove it in one piece using a crane. During this process, we can also remove the pipework that supports your tank. We can also safely disconnect and remove any old, no-longer-used fuel lines that run from the oil tank to other locations on your site. After we are sure that there is no more oil residue inside pipework and both ends are freely ventilated, we can cold cut them out in sections.

If your oil tank is installed in a designated tank room, we may need to cold cut the tank and remove it in several smaller pieces. As part of this process, we can also remove supporting fill pipes, vent piping and no longer needed fuel lines. Just like your fuel tank, we’ll dispose of excess pipework from your property in full compliance with all environmental regulations.


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