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Old Oil Tank Removal and New Tank Installation near Crick


We were contacted by our customer to replace their existing old metal oil tank with a new bunded tank. Often it is possible to use the existing concrete base with slight modifications for the new installation. However the current concrete slabs turned out to be sunk in on one side, so the base had to be demolished and new one laid in.


After the initial site visit it was determined that current concrete base had sunk in on one side meaning that the base has to be re done. This also allowed to reinforce the base with steel mesh and make it to exactly match OFTEC requirements for the size for chosen replacement tank. The base was lowered to the ground level giving more aesthetically better look since the tank was located in very visible location. Our team safely removed the old metal tank, demolished the existing concrete base, installed a new base and a new bunded plastic oil tank


Overall this work took our team only one and a half day to be done from the ground up including installation of additional fire shutoff valve to bring the installation to current regulations.


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