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5000L Bunded Metal Oil Tank Removal from a School


Eco Tank Services were contacted by a regular customer and we were required to remove one of the existing metal heating oil tanks due to School`s conversion to air source heating system.


This particular job had to be completed within school holiday for safety reasons and also on a specified day to allow other companies to do their work according to the project plan.

Initially this tank was emptied from all the oil waste, decommissioned and further removed by cutting it in sections directly on site. Removal by crane lifting was not an option in this instance, as the main access road was very narrow and there were overhead cables preventing us from using any lifting equipment.

Overall this primary school based 5000 litre kerosene storage tank was removed by one of our teams within half a day and site cleared from all waste for further recycling.


Masonry bund constructed by brick wall has been demolished and removed exposing the tank. Further safe tank removal was completed in less than half a day`s time to minimize any traffic disruption and allow other contractors to continue with their work.


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