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Commercial 16,000L Metal Cylinder Tank Removal for a London Council


Eco Tank Services was selected by one of London councils to remove a metal cylinder oil tank for safety reasons because of its age and to free up much needed space in the building. Work had to be carried out in a confined space. The tank was located in a designated tank room, but the main issue was its age and the fact that the roof above it was extensively leaking rain water on the tank causing it to rust.


As a common practice, this tank was located within a purpose built tank room and had limited initial access so it was agreed with the customer to cut down the brickwork underneath the existing access hatch to form door sized access that could be used once the tank is removed.

After uplift and removal of all the gas oil fuel waste that had started to deteriorate, we made the opening into the tank for further decommissioning and testing for gas concentration. This is essential since we had to make sure that our team can further safely work within the tank room to cold cut the tank in sections and further remove it. This tank had to be removed using cold cutting tools due to still operational fire alarm system and confined space, where any sparks or smoke is not an option.


The job took 3 working days for one of our teams to be completed without causing any disruptions to the customer.


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