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Underground Steel Tank Removal in St. Albans


Eco Tank Services was contacted by a housing developer, who had found out that there is an old heating oil tank underneath the concrete next to their property, that had to be safely removed with all of its contents before our customer could proceed with plans for a new house.


After the call and taking initial details, we did a site visit to assess what exactly needs to be done and in this case also to make sure, that there is enough access for our HIAB truck with crane to lift the tank out. 

Once the date was set for this site, our team arrived to take down the concrete surface with steel lintels underneath, to gain the access to the tank in its full length and width.

Next step was to cold cut the top off the tank, so that it can be ventilated and any gasses trapped inside, can escape.

Then we proceeded with draining the tank in to our transportation unit, cleaned inside of the tank and disconnected pipework. We also drained the pipework after tank was removed, since the old feed pipe was approx. 1.2 meters below the ground.

Finally the tank was lifted out and cleaned from the outside for safe transportation to the recycling facility.


All work was completed within the time limit of half a day, since the builders had to begin their work as soon as our team had finished. A consignment note for all the oil waste removed was issued. The client was able to proceed with the plans for a new house development.


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