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Plastic Tank Removal and Replacement in Reading


Recently we were contacted by a customer to replace his existing oil tank with a new plastic bunded tank. This is a good choice in many scenarios, since it gives much longer lifespan and increases the safety for any leaks significantly. The old tank was only single skin plastic, that had started to show the signs of cracking due to its age, temperature changes and direct sunlight.


Once we got to the site, first thing was to make sure, that boiler is switched off so that no air can get into the system. Then we disconnected the old oil tank and started the oil transfer to our temporary holding tank.

When all the oil was drained, it was safe to move the old tank off its base and cut it open for further cleaning.

Since our customer wanted to use the existing base, that was recently rebuilt, we cleaned it and placed the new tank on top of it.

After the installation of a new outlet kit and new filter, and alignment of oil line to fit the new tank, we started with oil filtering to make sure that no particles or any water gets in to the new tank. Then transferred the filtered oil  into the new tank.

Finally the old tank was removed and taken away for recycling.


All together the job took only 2 hours, and our customer was very happy with the outcome.


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