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6000L Steel Oil Tank and Oil Waste Removal in Walliswood


Our customer contacted us regarding their old steel tank removal, that was located inside designated tank room to heat the swimming pool.

Since customer had decided to do a full reconstruction for swimming pool and also replace source of heating, then oil tank had to be fully drained, cleaned, removed and recycled. Also the only access to the tank room was through a 80 x 80 cm hatch, so the tank had to be cut into small pieces in order for our technicians to remove it.


Once our team of technicians arrived on site, they started with checks on the tank for any leaks and to confirm the quantity of oil inside the tank.

Afterwards we proceeded with complete oil removal by draining it into our transportation storage tank. Next step was to open the tank and gain sufficient access, so we could start tank cleaning from inside, by removing all the sludge and to make sure, that there is no more harmful gases inside.

Once that was done, we proceeded with cold cutting, due to the fact, that the tank was in a confined space and ventilation was possible only through the hatch.

After a couple of hours of cutting the tank piece by piece, tank was removed and we were able to proceed with cleaning the tank room. Even thought there was no leaks, it still is a good practice to clean the workplace after the work is complete.


All together our team managed to complete the job within 4 hours, with minimum disturbance to the neighbours. The client was very happy with the work done.


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