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Flooded Boiler Room at Historic Church, Boiler and Tank Removal and Decontamination near Lubenham


A customer contacted us regarding emergency situation at their historic church, where there was an oil leak and contamination with water in their boiler room. Because of the urgent situation and involvement of Environmental Agency,  we were asked to do the job with extra care.


After the site survey, job was set out in two stages, where the first one would be:

  • Extraction of all leaked oily water from the basement
  • Cleaning and decontamination of the boiler room
  • Recycling of all oil waste
  • Further assessment of the oil tank and integrity of the bund
  • Issue of consignment note

Once that was done, Eco Tank Services were asked to also complete full removal of the old boiler, all related pipework, partial removal of the bund where the tank is located, and finally removal of the tank itself with cleaning of the bund of any remaining leaked oil.

Since work was carried out in a confined space, our technicians chose the cold cutting option for tank and boiler removal, to prevent accumulation of any fumes or sparks.

Once the tank was disconnected and all water drained from the heating system, our team took the boiler apart piece by piece.

Next step was to remove all pipework that lead to the radiators, feed pipes from the tank to the boiler and tank fill pipe. Afterwards we removed the bund wall, just to get enough access to the tank and removed the tank itself piece by piece.

Once all cutting and removal work was finished, we cleaned the boiler room to a dry state to prevent formation of smell.



All work was completed in 4 days. The client was very happy with the result.


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