Eco Tank Services

Installation of New Oil Line, new Base and new Steel Bunded Tank at Fairbourne


A customer contacted us regarding an issue with his current old oil tank, that had started to leak. Due to changes in OFTEC regulations, it was not possible to replace the old tank with a new one in the same spot. 


After taking in consideration all the aspects, it was decided to move the new tank to the other side of the garden. This involved building a new concrete base, that would extend 30cm on each side of the tank and digging 27 meters long and 40cm deep trench for a new oil line. Once the digging was completed, we were able to start building the new base. Before we could proceed with a new tank installation, we had to move all the heating oil to a temporary holding tank so that there is no disruption with heating for the customer.

Once everything was set up, we removed the old tank, moved the new tank in it`s new place and transferred oil into the new tank. The next step was to lay in the new oil line and cover it with protective insulation throughout the whole length. This will help with accidental damage and frost in the winter. Then we had to switch off the boiler to make sure, that no air gets trapped into the system while we reconnect it to the new oil line. 


All work took 2 days to complete. With the help of our customer’s two sons, the trench was fully covered with soil and their heating system running like clockwork again. The customer was very pleased with the work completed.